Directed by: Alan Taylor

Writing Credits by: Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier,James Cameron(characters), Gale Anne Hurd(characters)

Cast: Emilia Clarke, Sarah Connor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator
Jai Courtney, Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke, John Connor, J.K. Simmons, Detective O’Brien, Matt Smith Tim, Byung-hun, Lee T-1000, Brett Azar, Young Terminator, Douglas Smith, Sandrine Holt

Produced by: Bill Carraro(executive producer), David Ellison(producer), Megan Ellison(executive producer), Dana Goldberg(producer), Laeta Kalogridis(executive producer), Patrick Lussier(executive producer), Paul Schwake (executive producer)

Music by: Lorne Balfe

Cinematography by: Kramer Morgenthau

Film Editing by: Roger Barton

Casting By: Ronna Kress

Production Design by: Neil Spisak

Art Direction by: Andres Cubillan, Aaron Haye (supervising art director)
Mara LePere-Schloop, Jeffrey Mossa, Greg Papalia, David Scott, Dawn Swiderski, Mark Robert Taylor

Set Decoration by: Jay Hart

Costume Design by:Susan Matheson

Terminator Genisys

After finding himself in a new time-line, Kyle Reese teams up with John Connor’s mother Sarah and an aging terminator to try and stop the one thing that the future fears, “Judgement Day”.