Director: Raajesh Deshpande

Cast: Nirmiti Sawant Gangubai, Pandharinath kamble chhoo, Nagesh Bhosale Opposition minister, Anand Ingle Chief Minister

Producer: Vidyadhar Pathare

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues and Lyrics: Raajesh Deshpade

Cinematographer: Sanjay Jadhav

Art Director: Vasu Patil

Music: Shaylendra Barve

Editor: Rohan Deshpande

Costume Designer: Poornima Oak

Kumari Gangubai Non Matric

Kuamri Gangubai Non Matric  and Chhoo, the most loved characters on Marathi Television for over a decade are back now on the big screen. They are doing what they do best; bring the wayward elements in the society and the system to book in their own unique style – The Gangu style

This time around it’s time for Vidhan Sabha Elections in Maharashtra and the opposition leader, during a hunting trip to Gangu’s village, realizes that Gangubai resembles the current CM’s wife like an identical twin would.

He and his associates thus make a plan to kidnap the CM’s wife and replace her with Gangubai to be able to win the impending elections. Destiny takes a turn and Gangu herself is made the Chief Minister. The ministers of both parties come to realize that Gangu is her own person and will not play a puppet to them.

Thus begins a chase that leads to hilarious incidents and confusion, however as the story unfolds we also see what a powerful and sincere woman like Gangu when elected to power can bring to the system and change it for the good.