Directed by: Kabir Sadanand

Writing Credits: Rajveer Ahuja … (additional dialouge)

Cast: Dimple Kapadia, Bubbly amma, Deepak Tijori, Gustaad Khan, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Pappu. Vir Das, Golu, Karisma Tanha, Shalini, Sandeepa Dhar, Pia Dhillon, Vrajesh Hirjee, Thief Who Steals Briefcase, Amit Behl,  Inspector Puri

Rest of cast: Rajveer Ahuja, Kuldeepa, Amit, Constable on Bus, Rajat Bhalla, Ticket Checker, Raja Bherwani, Jignesh, Nikhil Deewan, Inspector Pandey, Bilal Hussain, Terrorist Rajendra Jadev Guard at Mall, Yakub Khan,  Terrorist, Urvashi Kotian Mansi, Sanjay Mishra, Cameraman at Mall, Kiran Nahar, Inspector Puri’s Mother, Naveen Constable at Mall, Girish Pal, Mr. Sharma, Captain J.K. Panchal, Constable at Station

Produced by: Rajveer Ahuja executive producer

Music by: Dipanjan Guha (background score)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Rahul Handa chief assistant director

Sound Department: Arunav Dutta Sound Designer

Music Department: Niren Bhatt … lyrics

Gollu aur Pappu

Gollu and Pappu are too dense to live – and too lame not to- as a pair of deliriously dim-witted foster brothers on a mission to plant a bomb under extreme threat from Gustad Khan the head of a terrorist group. Along the way they’ll confound cops, their love interest and the common people and anyone and everyone who has the misfortune of crossing their paths in this comic caper for every idiot in the family .All this is to change as they are moving towards becoming national heroes, the only problem being they don’t understand why? Is it their innocence or are they just plain simple dumb. This may be their down side, but the up side is that they have hearts of gold.